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My Story

Does God really want me to wear stop wearing pants?

Recently, many Christian women are wondering how God really feels about this issue. We are beginning to see the signs of a spiritual awakening. Prayer groups are sprouting up and the prayers are becoming more fervent and earnest, seeking for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, the Latter rain.

We know that genuine reformation always accompanies true revival. We must expect a reformation, an increase of godliness, raising the standards, a departing from the world, as we get closer to the end. God's people will be purified from all iniquity, wiling to give their lives for the truth they hold, if necessary.

What will the last-day revival and reformation look like? Primitive godliness: what is that? Having been steeped in Laodicea for decades, surrounded by decadent society, it's impossible for us to know experientially what this Latter Rain revival will include. We know from inspiration that it will require entire consecration, complete surrender, a total death to self. That includes giving up all our idols, all our fleshly desires, all our pride, and vanity.

The true Christian life does require sacrifice and suffering, does it not? Why does God require this? Could it be that His love for us is so great that He wants every speck of our affection in return? He wants to pour His love upon us in undiluted measures and He wants to make sure we are not in league with the devil, giving the enemy any of our affection. Anything that God asks us to give up is because of His intense love for us. Only when we are free from sin can we be truly happy. If any thing threatens our deep loyalty to Him, it's a deadly snare and must be surrendered.

So, we pose the question: Could choosing not to wear pants be one of the sacrifices that God is asking of godly women at this time?

If you are a pant-wearing Christian woman, you possibly may be reacting with a forceful "NO! That's ridiculous! That's outrageous! I can't even imagine such a thing!" That may be your reaction. I know, because that's how I reacted when confronted with this issue. My first thoughts were: What would people think of me!!! What would my husband think, my daughters, my sisters, my friends, my neighbors, my community! How embarrassing! What would I wear for a planned social activity, or an upcoming vacation? How awkward, how uncomfortable, how unattractive! How inconvenient! No! NO! NO! I can't even bear the thought of it!

I personally lived in pants, dreading the few short hours I wore a dress to church, changing into pants as soon as possible afterwards. However, one day when I least expected it, I heard God speaking to my heart, impressing me that He wanted me to stop wearing pants. I knew that voice. I felt a deep conviction in my heart that I knew I had not generated by myself, because it was the last thing I wanted to do! I knew it was God speaking to me, asking me to sacrifice my pants wearing to Him. Wow! I was stunned, shocked! Now what? Dare I ignore Him? Dare I pretend I hadn't heard? That's dangerous. I'd run from conviction in the past, and knew how miserable it was, especially while sincerely pursuing a close relationship with God. Praying while ignoring conviction is torture. Your mind has to do all sorts of mental gymnastics to numb the conviction. And your prayers become exhausting dodging games, trying to keep your mind off that still small voice. And if you ignore it long enough, eventually your prayers deteriorate into meaningless rhetoric and platitudes.

Been there, done that. Couldn't play the phony game. So I threw up my hands and said, OK, God, if that's what you want, I'm willing. I don't know how it's possible. I don't like it. I don't want to, but, if this is what you want, please show me what to do next.

As I look back on that day around 2 years ago, and consider how God has led me, I am simply amazed at the goodness and loving kindness of my Lord. What a marvelous journey as He has led me every step of the way. What blessings have been mine. Why did I feel it was such a huge, almost unbearable sacrifice? Why did I feel like parting with my beloved pants and jeans was almost akin to a painful ripping off part of my body? Now I am astounded to realize what an idolatrous grip the wearing of pants had on me. It was probably the hardest spiritual decision I've ever had to make. Why was this such an enormous issue in my life?

As I have studied extensively and researched and probed and examined the practice of pants wearing by women, and evaluated and probed my own heart on why I wanted to wear pants so badly, the Lord has revealed some amazing insights. It would seem like a simple choice for a woman to wear skirts instead of pants, almost a non-issue not even worth mentioning. But when you realize the incredible and intense emotional attachment women have invested in their pants, you begin to realize what a HUGH idol this has become. If you don't think it is an idol, then whence the raging opposition to the proposal for women to wear skirts instead of pants?

When I first sense the Holy Spirit prompting me to cease my jean/pants wearing, I didn't really have a good understanding of why God would ask that of me. But, as I submitted to Him and walked in obedience, the Holy Spirit has opened my understanding to see an incredible aspect of the great controversy I had never seen before. Scripture and inspired writings became alive with meaning that had not made sense before. God doesn't always explain to us the reason for obedience, but as we obey, He reveals abundant light that confirms our simple act of faith in stepping out in obedience.

I invite you to share my discoveries.