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http://www.TheConsecratedCloset.com (for those just beginning to study modesty)

What Blocks Revival and Reformation More Than Anything Else?

On this site, there is a several-part series, which includes,

Women Wear Skirts to Defy Satan's Gender-Bending Scheme

Crossdressing Causes Confusion

Crossdressing Today

Opposing Satan's Scheme

Another 2-Part Series is

A Clear Distinction Between Saints and Sinners

Where Does God Draw the Line of Distinction?

Other Articles on this site:

What Does God Think About What I Wear?

What's Next?

Warning: The Camp of Israel Has Been Invaded!

Come, Let Us Reason Together - regarding God's Counsel on Deuteronomy 22:5

For understanding more about what an abomination is, read Abomination

Dueteronomy 22:5 - Crossdressing by Hal Stultz

Cross-Dressing by Robert Reed

Female Crossdressing - When and Why Women Started Wearing Pants in America

Differences Between Men's and Women's Clothing

Does God Want Women to Wear Long Dresses or Skirts?

Gender Differences Are Real


We need to WAKE UP! When Seventh-day Adventist Christian's talk about dress reform, they are referring to a drawing apart from the world, and dressing more in harmony with the principles of modesty, simplicity and distinction between the sexes. When the world talks about "dress reform" they are talking about androgynous styles - removing the distinction between men's and women's clothing. That's how Satan wants to "reform" us. God's dress reform is exactly the opposite: to make an even clearer distinction between the clothing of men and women. Fashion Fair World suggest that "providence" is moving society towards androgyny! Truly, it is the god of this world that is dictating fashion! "Apparently the increasing global attraction to androgyny indicates that the modern theory of evolution holds greater sway than the traditional doctrines of Christianity." Source

Read how fashion designer whose clothing line is called "Dress Reform" explains her agenda in an article entitled Dress Reform Brings Androgynous Chic to its Spring-2011:

"Krystal Hoffacker, the Brooklyn designer behind Dress Reform, believes clothes should be shared and shared alike. The unisex silhouettes that dominated her Spring/Summer 2011 presentation at New York Fashion Week were completely intentional. 'I like to construct garments that work for both men and women,' she tells Ecouterre." " For Dress Reform's Spring 2011 collection, the focus was on androgynous clothes that can be made to flatter both genders." source


Other related articles are found on http://www.RemnantRaiment.com

How Does God Want Women to Dress? (SDA) This article explains how Satan has tricked us into accepting pants on women.

Dressing With Conviction by Laura Lee Pier (SDA) Gives insight into the application of Deuteronomy 22:5. (Femininity)

A Little Grace by Eugene Prewitt (SDA) - Very thought provoking article. An excellent read. (Femininity & Modesty)

Should Christian Women Wear Pants? - by Katy Chamberlin (SDA) A must read! (Femininity)

Stealthy Styles - (SDA) How Did Seventh-day Adventists Accept Pants on Women? (Femininity)

Does Jesus Really Love Jeans? (SDA) Looking at a popular fashion and considering if it is pleasing to Jesus or not.

The Jean Scene - (SDA) Taking a closer look at this prevailing fashion. (Femininity)

The Unisex Agenda Marches Forward In Fashion - NEW! Clear evidence regarding Satan's plan for blurring gender distinction. (Femininity)

***Unisex by Pastor Joe Crews (SDA)- (Used by Permission. Info on ordering book .) Addresses the problem of dressing like the opposite sex (Femininity)

Unisex by Pastor Jack Hyles. This powerful sermon was given in 1973, but it is even more needed today than it was back then. (Femininity)

Women and Pants - Excellent article on the history of pants on women (Femininity)

Women in Pants by Hal Webb - powerful article (Femininity)

The Gender of Pants - by Lynford Heron (SDA) - More information on the history of pants on women (Femininity)

Pants on Women - Modest or Immodest? by Daniel Botkin - Interesting article that looks at tradition and culture of gender differences.

The Groom's & Bride's Garments - Reflecting His Image by Scott Kilpatrick Burgess (SDA) A Bible study on reflecting Christ's character (Femininity)

The Christian's Appearance - explains the Bible verses on modesty in detail. (Modesty)

Modesty and Distinction by Loanne Clements - gives detailed biblical instruction (Modesty & Femininity)

What About Women Wearing Pants? by Brother Potter (Femininity)

The Pant-Skirt Issue for Dummies by Kent Brandenburg (Femininity)

The Religion of Fashion (SDA) Considering the world's worship of fashion may cause us to reconsider our perspective.

Proper Christian Clothing by Edward Ross (SDA) (Modesty, Femininity, Simplicity & Healthfulness)

Blow the Trumpet by Godwin Delali - Let us cease the silence and blow the trumpet to warn our dearest ones against immodest fashion. (Modesty & Femininity)

Dress - by Linda Sutton (SDA) - This is a pdf book with 110 pages. Extensive research into many aspects of dress reform. This book provides a wealth of information. (Modesty, Femininity, Simplicity & Healthfulness)

Dressing for Jesus - by Sylvia Fischer (SDA) - Very informative 48 page pdf book ( booklet format ) Printed copy - $7 postpaid (208) 842-2800 (Modesty, Femininity, Simplicity & Healthfulness)

The Beautiful Way - by W.D. Frazee (SDA) - A marvelous sermon! Uplifting and deeply spiritual.

Christian Dress - by Helen Frazee (SDA) - Excellent history of the reform dress and practical principles (Modesty, Femininity, Simplicity & Healthfulness)

Ribbon of Blue by Peter D. Lausevic (SDA) - A 20 page pdf book - covers many topics. (Modesty, Femininity, Simplicity & Healthfulness)

Ribbon of Blue compiled by Kate Queen (SDA) - A 19 page pdf book of mostly Spirit of Prophecy quotations (Modesty, Femininity, Simplicity & Healthfulness)

Reflecting the Beauty of Holiness by Christine R. Godfrey (SDA) - A 78 page pdf book with a deeply spiritual perspective. (Modesty, Femininity, Simplicity & Healthfulness)

What does the Bible Say About Women Wearing Pants? by Mrs. Teri Jeter - A 19 page pdf book with excellent information (Femininity)


Other links of interest:


Feminism 101 - the Look of Change in America "Along with the Feminist movement, the aesthetic image of feminity was to be forever changed - - from long, flowing, Victorian dresses, bonnets, hats, or matching parasols to "everyday pants."  Perhaps the movement created a "unisex" appearance for women and men."

In Female Gender Confusion is in the Jeans by Henry Makow Ph.D. states, "Can it be any more obvious? If the sexes dress alike, it is because they are becoming alike." He has written a book entitled Cruel Hoax, Feminism and the New World Order, that explains the evil plan to erase gender identity. "Feminism is elite social engineering designed to destroy gender identity by making women masculine and men feminine." Please notice that not all information found on these links represents a distinctly Christian perspective.

Hope in a World of Gender Confusion by Devon Williams and Jeff Johnston talks about the prevelence, possible causes, and spiritual cure for "Gender Identity Disorder."

A Gender Identity Disorder Goes Mainstream. "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender activists (LGBT) are working to add “sexual orientation,” “gender,” and “gender identity” to federal legislation. If this legislation is passed, cross-dressers, transsexuals, and drag queens will have federally-protected minority status equal to minority groups. The term Transgender is an umbrella term coined by transgender activists to describe the following individuals: heterosexual cross-dressers; homosexual transvestites or drag queens; and transsexuals (individuals undergoing socalled sex change operations) and she-males."

Gender Identity Disorder Debate on YouTube shows the intense controversy regarding the official diagnosis of GID in the Diagnosis and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

Gender Identity Disorder "Gender Identity Disorder or GID is a classified mental disorder in the Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders from the American Psychiatric Association.  One can type in Gender Identity Disorder in any search engine on the internet and discover the information.  To make it simple, GID is the mental condition that causes men to act and dress like women and women to act and dress like men."

Walking a Delicate Line:Men's Dress Takes a Feminine and Sexy Turn "The presentation, the first to bring men's and women's fashion together in couture, was just one more example of how men and women are not only redefining their roles in society, but how in the '90s, the bridge between the sexes dress has become narrower and more similar."

Men Who Dress Like Women "If a boy likes to dress like a girl, or vice versa, why is this a problem for anybody?  It's not for the boy or girl; it's the soul-crushing social stigma attached that causes the pain and confusion."

This blog promotes crossdressing. It is included to show the twisted thinking that is increasing in society.

Feminism and Spiritualism - Changing History Together Written by a spiritualist, this article states: "Now back in 1848, and not twenty five miles away from the initial rappings heard in Hydesville, the feminist movement had their First Women's Rights Convention at the Wesleyan Chapel in Seneca Falls, New York on July 19 and 20 - just a few short months after spirit began communicating with women in that same geographic area. From the handful of women who began to stand up for themselves, grew a cohesive network of individuals who were committed to changing society in the United States by demanding rights that were equal to those of their male counterparts in all areas. A group of strong and outspoken women who this paper will show, were regular attendees at séances given by the many mediums in the area, and were pivotal to the beginnings of a movement that ultimately led to a woman's right to vote in this country.

"Is it coincidental that these two major events in the history of the United States occurred at the very same time? Did women finally find their voices and the strength to use them only after counsel with spirit? Did the readings from the Fox sisters, and readings from other women who found that they also had mediumship qualities give the women of that era the strength to finally stand up for equality in that Victorian male dominated world? Although the women's uprising in most circles is attributed to 'Renegade Quakers', a deeper look reveals that it was indeed spirit communication that played a key role in the unprecedented social change events taking place in the mid to late 1800's in Upstate New York, and throughout the world."

This article also quotes another spiritualist, "From the very beginning of the movement, Spiritualism has served to empower women to be independent and has given them a platform in which to pursue a professional life as clergy, mediums, and businesswomen. The movement has always treated women equally, and many Spiritualism women were instrumental in demonstrating to get the right to vote for women during the Suffrage Movements in the United States."

Nancy Rubin Stuart is quoted, "Among the hundred men and women who ultimately supported its resolutions, some were already sympathetic to Spiritualism - Amy Post, Sarah Post Hallowell, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Mary Ann and Thomas M'Clintock, and Sarah Burtis." The name that is most associated with regards to the women's movement in later years is of course Susan B. Anthony."

It should be noted that Elizabeth Cady Stanton was one of the first women to advocate the wearing of pants by women. Thus we see the connection between Satan's spiritualistic agenda and the wearing of pants by women in the mid 1850s.

Crossdressing by Vernon Coleman: "These days many women hardly ever dress as women; they wear the male clothes that typify power and aggression and eschew the feminine clothes which symbolise softness and femininity. They dress in jeans and jumpers to work in the garden and they dress in `power' suits to impress at the office. They talk like men, swear like men, drink like men and behave like men. In many households the female partner plays a more masculine role than the male; she `wears the pants' (both literally and figuratively), controls the family, looks after the finances and makes all the major decisions....

"I hope that the fortunate androgynous citizen of the future will be able to show both male and female characteristics without embarrassment, shame or guilt. More crossdressing by men will mean that male life expectation will rise to meet female life expectation...."

Notice: The above comment is NOT the hope of author of this site! It is abomination in the sight of God!


History of Pants on Women

Trousers for Women Throughout much of Western history, women's clothing has been very different from men's clothing, and society has made strict rules requiring individuals to dress according to their gender. For the most part these rules have defined trousers as men's clothing. For centuries society's disapproval prevented most women from wearing pants....

Pants for Women These innovations set the stage for "unisex" fashions, which were developed in the 1960s. Both men and women wore blue jeans, "hipsters" and close fitting pants with zip fly fronts.

History of Pants It's amazing how just one century can change human perception of fashion so drastically. The word "pants" was considered to be indecent in the 19th century, but in the 20th century people started inventing new pants styles and became more appropriate for women to wear. Here is some of the history from the first half of the 1900s: •  In 1900s, such actresses as Marlene Dietrich and Katharine Hepburn were frequently photographed in trousers, which greatly influenced Western society by making pants more acceptable to all women.

Women Wearing Pants Here is an interesting comment in Wikipedia: "The basis for skirts in Mennonites is modesty. For this reason, long skirts or dresses covering most of the legs are required. [9]   They also wear dresses and skirts because they believe men and women should be distinguished from one another."