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Opposing Satan's Scheme


Has Satan been successful in his plan to blur the distinction between the sexes? Undoubtedly. He has almost all women cooperating with his plan, and now he's after the men.

It is estimated by some that 10% of the men are now crossdressers, some publicly, but most in private, and some who just wear women's panties under their regular clothing. The trend is increasing rapidly. It is lauded and encouraged by many well-known celebrities; the shame is being removed. At this rate, we should be seeing skirted men in increasing numbers. Is this an abomination to God?

Who in the Christian world is able to effectively speak against this abomination of male crossdressing? Certainly not women who wear pants, or men who approve of their wives and daughters wearing pants. That includes most Christian individuals. What about institutions? Which of these can effectively oppose male crossdressing? Not Christian schools with women teachers in pants, not churches with women pastors in pants. That covers just about every Christian denomination.

So when the crossdressing men march into church in their skirts, we will just need to smile and welcome them warmly, and baptize them, and make them our elders and deacons and Bible study teachers. Why not? What are they doing wrong? Can't we just accept them as we've accepted the women in pants, and made them our elders and pastors and professors?

This scenario is not so far fetched as you may think. In my local Seventh-day Adventist Church in California, a male crossdresser attended for several weeks in 2010. Those in leadership roles knew he was a man, and spoke to him concerning this, instructing him not to use the main women's restroom. But many mistook him to be a woman, even after lengthy conversations with him. His young son called him Daddy, much to everyone's confusion. He did use the main women's restroom after all. How do you relate to a man that wants to look like a woman? What does a church do with a person such as this? How do we minister to him, and help him prepare to heaven? Would we teach him it is morally wrong for him to dress as a woman, to want to pass as a woman? How can the pastor speak out strongly against crossdressing when many of the women in the congregation are wearing pants? As we noted earlier, many crossdressers have decried the double standard, the unfairness of accepting women in pants and refusing to accept men in skirts.

Satan carefully keeps his agenda hidden from the unwary, which are not watching and praying as Christ instructed us. Those who have not stood firm against the first wave will have no strength to withstand the storm. The morals of all but the few who have stood strong in opposition will be diminished into oblivion. We are in a time of crises. Our stance on this issue will determine whether we individually stand or fall in the coming corruption.

Jesus declared, "Ye are they which justify yourselves before men; but God knoweth your hearts: for that which is highly esteemed among men is abomination in the sight of God." Luke 16 15

Crossdressing may be popular and highly esteemed, yet it is still an abomination in God's eyes.

In doinging research the topic of crossdressing I was amazing at its increasing prevalence in our society. It is beyond vile. There are hundreds of websites, and several significant books that delve into this subject, such as: " Cross-Dressing, Sex and Gender", " Women In Pants: Manly Maidens, Cowgirls, and Other Renegades." This is only mentioned to help you understand this is a huge problem, not to encourage you to read these books!

When you are exposed to the corruptness of this increasing trend, it should shock you beyond belief. Let's pray that we remain shocked, instead of becoming numb to the shock that our church pioneers felt as they first saw women in pants. That sense of shock should have never left our midst. It we are not standing in firm opposition to the tidal wave of corruption about to break over us, we will be swept away in the sea of decadence beyond our imagination.

We have a whole generation that has never known anything but the blurry boundaries between the sexes. It's called unisex, androgyny, or gender-bending. The boundaries have largely disappeared. Well, at least in women's clothing. And now it's the men's turn to be worked over by the enemy of souls.

We are seeing a repeat in this social conditioning regarding men's fashions. With the help of the media, this crossdressing acceptance is progressing rapidly. It won't take near so long to obliterate those boundaries, because the momentum has picked up speed. When it gets to the point where the majority of males are donning feminine articles and garments, then in society's eyes, crossdressing will cease to exist. That means godless society will have successfully conquered God's will to have a clear distinction between the clothing of men and women. Anything goes. Talk about moral degeneracy! We've only seen the beginning of vile perversion. Sodom will seem tame by comparison.

Because we have lost this God-ordained anchor, all of us in today's generation are especially vulnerable to the moral attacks of the enemy. The gray area of acceptable moral practices increase daily, and we are no longer shocked and repulsed by the baseness all around us. The perverts and reprobates are our friends, our family members, and our fellow church members. We love them, we have compassion on them, and we care about them, as God would have us do. The problem is, we have come to accept their sins as we have accepted them.

The popular sentiment regarding crossdressing is: Let's be tolerant, let's be accepting. Let's not judge others. We need to have more compassion! One crossdresser says:

I think the key is to refrain from judging anyone. But, one more thing is key, to have compassion for people who experience internal conflict over who they are simply because they occasionally put something on the outside of their body which may not be consistent with their genetic sexual identity. Compassion is too lacking in almost every aspect of our society anyway, so it is no wonder that it is missing here.

Does compassion for the sinner mean acceptance of the sin? Indeed, let's have more compassion, as Paul says in Jude 23, 24, " And of some have compassion, making a difference: And others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh."

Compassion doesn't mean ignoring the sin, but doing all we can to help them find victory and deliverance in Jesus! Love is what brought Jesus to this sin-cursed earth to save us from our sins, not in our sins. The term love is being twisted to mean something completely opposite today. A website promoting crossdressing declares:

If someone is a Christian and is also a cross dresser they are simply that - a Cross Dresser that is also a Christian. There should be no guilt or condemnation associated with that. And, in fact, with a better understanding of what the Bible is truly saying within the context in which it was written, other Christians need to take positive steps to bring cross dressing Christians into the fold of the church. We are not to judge one another. We are not to condemn one another. We are told, no we are commanded, to LOVE one another.

This type of reasoning brings so much confusion that many are torn between holiness and sin, and are not sure which is which.

Let's consider the impact of this gender-bending confusion on our young people. It is one thing to speak out against homosexuality, which we should. But crossdressing is popular in the heterosexual community. By far the majority of male crossdressers are heterosexual. In one survey, over half of them started this practice before they were 10 years old. What does that say about our need, as mothers, to model femininity to our young sons growing up in this perverse society? If their moms are dressing in masculine attire, will their consciences be sensitive as to the need to not cross the gender boundaries?

One way we can help our young people to recapture God's social order is by modeling distinctive godly family roles, which definitely includes making a plain distinction in our dress. Christian woman in skirts make a powerful statement that we are refusing society's rebellion against God's order. We are taking a stand, visible for all to see, that we are in submission to God's creation order for the family. We are promoting sexual purity of heart. We are not participating in Satan's sexual revolt, which is high treason against the government of God.

When we violate God's standards relating to these issues, we weaken our moral integrity. Our compromised position adversely influences others as well. It's not only the immodest factor of most pants on women, which show the female form all too obviously. The crossing over the line of gender distinctiveness cracks the foundation of moral purity in a women's heart. This is evidence in a host of way. Women in general, including most professed Christians, have become more careless in their demeanor and more immodest in their dress since pants have become common.

Most women who are willing to wear pants are also willing to wear shorts and sleeveless tops. Most will wear modern swimsuits, which reveal the form and flesh of most of her body. Most see nothing wrong with tight, revealing clothing. Most women who freely wear pants which freely reveal her form, is not going to be conscientious about the other aspects of moral purity God requires. If you doubt my words, please consider the evidence. How many Christian women who wear pants are very careful to cover their bodies in a modest way at all times and circumstances while in public? There are a few, but these are rare. Even loose, flowing pants are generally form fitting in the rear.

Jeans would probably be the most common article of clothing that is most like men's clothing. However, I have heard it argued that jeans are feminine, because they are seductive and sexy when worn tight on women. Is that how God wants us to make a plain distinction between the sexes, by looking seductive so that everyone can plainly see that we are women?

If that were the case, then a gal with tight jeans would be dressing in a more godly manner than a lady in baggy jeans, because the tight jeans are more feminine than loose ones. This is crazy thinking! Or, do we think the woman who's jeans are "obviously feminine" with beads, sequins and fancy embroidery, or with designer stitching on the pocket is dressing more pleasing to God than a woman with plain, unadorned jeans. That's also crazy thinking. If we think jeans are acceptable feminine clothing, we are forced to violate the principles of modesty and simplicity in order to make the jeans look truly feminine. Baggy, plain jeans definitely look masculine.

God wants His daughters to be pleading with Him daily for purity of heart, for strength to keep oneself unspotted from the decadence of this world. He wants us to have all thoughts of pride and sensuality banished from the heart. He wants us to keep from any unwarranted familiarity, to be chaste, discreet in every action, to be in submission to our husbands. He wants us to avoid any worldly influence and practice. He wants us to guard our brothers from stumbling because of our dress, and influence our sisters to godly purity and modesty. He also want us to avoid being a stumbling block to our brothers who are tempted to cross dress, by maintaining a clear distinction in our attire.

The wearing of pants by women--crossdressing--provides a foothold for the devil, by which he can inject immoral thoughts and practices. By discarding the pants, Christian sisters will do their part in repairing the breach that has allowed worldly compromise to undermine the morals. Hazy immodest and immoral practices will become clear. Until crossdressing is removed from the life, the moral sensibilities will remain foggy.

Satan uses fashion to jerk us around, this way and that, till we don't know which end is up. Shock and retreat serve him well. By 1930, the crossdressing of women was permanently entrenched into society, and kept increasing year by year. By the 1970s unisex fashion was extremely popular. By now, crossdressing by women has become so integrated into society that it is no longer considered crossdressing. That's simply amazing when you stop to think about it. Woman have accepted Satan's plan by such an overwhelming majority that those who refuse to follow it are considered out of place in society. And because of society's success, it has removed the guilt of crossdressing. If everyone crossdresses, then no one crossdresses! Satan's goal is to mingle, blur, and obliterate those gender lines until no one has a clue where they once were.

Should Christian woman today, who have full knowledge of the crossdressing campaign of the devil, and where it leads, honor the defiance and perverseness of these instigators in Satan's wicked crusade? Should not godly women refuse to participate in Satan's mastermind to uproot God's government? God is calling upon each one of us to be an example in purity, especially to our younger generation. (1 Timothy 4:12) Should not we show by our example that we are submitted to God's order and exert a godly example on our young people as they grow up in this decadent society, which is filled with confusion over their "sexual orientation" and "gender Identity"?

As Satan is revealing more of his diabolic plan of attack against God's moral principles, God has seen fit to give us clear understanding of how we can oppose our enemy by refusing the crossdressing delusion. We stand in opposition to those who are rebellion against morality, modesty and purity. We refuse to be conquered by the enemy, and to join his ranks. The more light that shines on us, the more urgent it become that God's remnant people take a stand against all forms of crossdressing.

It may seem hard, but as many can attest, the spiritual blessing far outweighs the so-called inconvenience and scorn from the unconsecrated. Are we not pilgrims and strangers in this godless society? Indeed, for we are citizens of the heavenly kingdom. Let us with one mind strive for the faith once delivered to the saints, as it is our privilege to suffer for the sake of Christ as we humbly follow in His steps.

God has called upon us as His remnant church to exalt His law, and reflect His love. Only those who are submitted to God's law of love, including family order, can fully appreciate God's character and reveal it to the world. None of the abominable or those who work abomination will be in heaven.

But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death. Revelation 21:8

And there shall in no wise enter into it any thing that defileth, neither whatsoever worketh abomination, or maketh a lie: but they which are written in the Lamb's book of life. Revelation 21:27

We cannot safely remain neutral regarding this evil. To be uncommitted is to fall prey to its power. We must steer clear of all crossdressing of men and women.

Every time a sister puts on a skirt instead of pants she makes a statement that she is in submission to God's order, and opposes Satan's rebellion. Thus our physical clothing makes us aware of our need for spiritual armor because of the raging battle around us.

Therefore, the choice to wear skirts by many Christian sisters is way more than a personal preference or a passing whim. It is rooted firmly on the conviction that, as God's people, we are called to shine as lights in this godless, depraved society. We are willing to stand against the rushing tide of iniquity with our feet firmly planted on the eternal Rock of Ages. We cling to Him, holding high the standard that God has lifted up as the enemy has come in like a flood.

We are a generation who has truly lost our moral bearings. Satan has stolen away our family-based society. Happiness is found is self-absorption and pleasure seeking. Perversity is popular, sexual confusion is called courage, and degrading bondage is called freedom. Crossdressing has made a major crack in the foundation that has allowed this twisted thinking to warp our minds, and muddy up our souls. We are an endangered race, prone to anarchy and high treason against the government of God. We must send out an alarm to all who pray that God's will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. We must pray that God will open our eyes to this deadly poison that has befogged the atmosphere all around us. It is high time to wake up and put on the garments of righteousness. Let us cast off the works of darkness, and walk in the light.

It is God's standard to maintain a clear distinction between the sexes He will give us the courage to uphold this standard. What an honor is ours to shine for Him amidst the moral darkness and confusion. Many women who wear skirts have experienced evidence of God's shining through them as total strangers have acknowledging their testimony for Jesus through their refusal to wear pants. People do notice, and many appreciate seeing feminine attire on women. What an opportunity we have to glorify God, and to promote His kingdom! Great is our Lord and greatly to be praised!

We invite you to join us as we unite in lifting high God's standard of holiness in these last moments of earth's history May God help us to humble our hearts in submission to His will, trusting Him to give us the strength we need to obey.

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