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Crossdressing Today


For many decades, the women who ventured to publicly wear pants, away from the homes and farms, were reprobates of society, who were deliberately rebelling against God. They knew better, because society was even against them at that time. But their rebellion was so strong they were willing to push their defiance against the mainstream.

Disobedience to God never comes without serious spiritual consequences. The first move toward crossdressing in the middle of the 18th century opened the floodgates of evil and sexual immorality onto our society.

Today, the vast majority of western women choose to wear clothing that resembles men's attire. At one time, society declared it was wrong for women to wear pants. But now society says it's OK. Do we believe that when society deems something acceptable, that God concurs?

It was once taboo in Western society for women to wear clothes traditionally associated with men. While this prohibition remained in force in general throughout the middle and early modern ages, this is no longer the case and Western women are often seen wearing trousers, ties, and men's hats. Wikipedia

According to the fashion experts, woman can't cross dress these days. Only men can cross dress. Women have crossed dressed for so long now, society says they're no longer crossdressing!

Some are undertaking the task to rewrite history in order to laud and celebrate those "brave", "courageous" women who bore the social stigma of going against the established practices, and broke out of the old-fashioned idea of gender distinction. They're the heroines of today, those "noble" women! Several large books are dedicated to their "admirable" pursuits as they paved the way for future generations to be able to dress like men with no resistance. Now, woman can cross dress, and society won't even admit that they're crossdressing! They are totally accepted.

But the men are complaining. It's not fair, they say. The women get to wear men's clothing, and be totally accepted, but we don't get to wear woman's clothing and be accepted by society. But, there are some "brave," "courageous" men who are willing to break out of that prohibition. They are showing up in public wearing skirts and make-up. They've already been approved to wear earrings and necklaces. The high heels may come in a short while. Soon, these "brave" men will be heroes, and multitudes of men deck themselves with silky clothes and fancy dresses.

So far we've been mainly referring to crossdressing as it relates to women. As we consider male to female crossdressing, our eyes will be opened to see the degrading path down which Satan is leading society.

Those who have researched the topic of crossdressing make statements such as these:

Clearly the concept of separate male and female spheres that had so dominated the discourse on the relation between the sexes was gradually being undermined in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. (From the book, Crossdressing, Sex, and Gender" By Vern L. and Bonnie Bullough)

From cross-dressing to altering one's sex by undergoing hormone therapy and radical surgery, "gender blending" has reached new levels of popularity. Gender Blending is an up-to-date account of this compelling trend that is rapidly altering the frontiers of human sexuality. The changes occurring in this area of lifestyle research are vast and rapid. (Description of the book Gender Bending.)

From a website all about crossdressing, a crossdresser explains how the crossdressing of women is so acceptable it's not even acknowledged anymore.

Crossdressing is the practice, especially of men, of wearing clothing usually associated with the other sex for personal expression and psychological gratification.  Strictly speaking, a crossdresser may be of either sex, but in today's American culture, women can wear men's clothing without raising eyebrows, so in 2011 the usage of this term often is restricted to men who dress in women's clothing.

These days, men are complaining that they don't have the freedom to crossdress as women do, and they want that to be changed. Listen how one well-known proponent of male to female crossdressing explains it:

Widespread among crossdressers is the feeling that it is unfair that society discriminates against them for choosing to wear feminine clothes.   There is good reason for this feeling that male crossdressers are unfairly discriminated against; after all, women frequently dress in masculine clothing.

Indeed, female crossdressers are so numerous and so open about their crossdressing that they face no problems from society.   Every woman who has ever worn a pair of slacks or jeans or a male-style shirt is a crossdresser.

What did he say? Clearly, he believes that all pants-wearing women are crossdressers. And he's not alone, by any means. Another website that is pro-crossdressing has this to say:

Developed countries, in particular, are witnessing a surge in the number of crossdressing men. Though it's more to do with personal choice, yet some people have wrongfully attributed religious overtones to this practice. Anti-Christ, anti-humanity, anti-society, are some of the tags that the crossdressing men have to counter on a daily basis. However, the discrimination seems misplaced and unfair when you compare men with women. No one bats an eyelid when a woman walks down the street wearing jeans or pants, but a man wearing a skirt or any other woman's dress would immediately draw stares and howls from both men and women.

Another website that promotes crossdressing comments on society's double standard;

Women crossdress all the time. They buy men's jeans, shirts and sneakers... even underwear, and they do it without shame or ridicule. In fact, the female crossdresser is considered fashionable. I have read many articles in fashion magazines about how to liven up ones wardrobe by borrowing clothes from your boyfriend, husband, etc. Women's fashions have even copied men's: tuxedo shirts and jackets, boxer shorts, and sport coats are just a few items that have been feminized. It seems clear that women wearing men's clothing (female crossdressing) is socially acceptable.

Men, on the other hand, do not have this freedom. The wearing of clothing associated with women is frowned upon by society. Men wearing women's clothing is not socially acceptable and the male crossdresser opens himself to scorn and ridicule almost beyond belief. We are tagged as freaks and misfits: deviants to be avoided. It is immediately assumed that we are either gay (not to insinuate that any of the above labels apply to either the gay or transgendered community as a whole), which is false more times than not, or that we are just mentally disturbed.

The repression feelings is not a good thing, and women who want to express their masculine side are, in general, encouraged to do so. Society as a whole has no problem with women exploring the stereotypically masculine world. Men, on the other hand, are not supposed to have a feminine side. Any man who show interest in stereotypically feminine interests runs the risk of being pigeonholed as above.

Men who crossdress tend to have strong feminine sides that needs to express themself. Whether crossdressed or not, this feminine side is still there, fighting to be heard; although society would rather that it not exist at all.

Can you say  Double Standard?  Welcome to the life of a crossdresser.

Let's listen in as crossdressing men share some of their thoughts with us on a public forum. They repeat the same sentiment:

"You ladies are gonna hate me for saying this, but (though it is not illegal in the US) you definitely don't want to go to church dressed! [i.e. crossdressed] I recently found that there is actually a verse in the Old Testament book of Deuteronomy that prohibits men or women wearing clothes of the other sex. The funny thing about this to me is that I'll bet that 95% or more of the church ladies wear jeans! A women's label in the jeans DOES NOT make them exclusively female when they look identical to male jeans."

"If crossdressing was illegal every GG (i.e. real, genetic girl) would eventually be arrested. Every time they wore a pair of Levis 501 jeans they would be crossdressing."

"The point is that I want to dress in just skirts and dresses because we are still not allowed to because we are guys and guys are not suppose to wear any of this clothing. I just want to get completly away from wearing pants; it is to restritive and our male anatomy suffers anyway from it. We should be allowed to wear what we want; women do and no one says anything about that. Oh well!"

Another crossdresser speaks about his guilt as a result of Deuteronomy 22:5:

"Oh, I've been aware of that passage in Deuteronomy for decades. It's given me a lot of guilt to contend with due to my upbringing in that type of church. I've had to reconcile it with God and feel fully accepted by my Creator as a result. Really, I say 'that type of church' because there's a multitude of churches and opinions, and there are many that are completely accepting of Crossdressers."

Four male crossdressers are quick to assuage any guilt by declaring that the prohibitions in Deuteronomy 22:5 certainly don't apply to modern crossdressers!

"The Old Testament was written a long time ago and that part of Deuteronomy, that contains so many do's and don'ts, was written for those times, and for the conditions that prevailed. There have been many interpretations of the verses relating to crossdressing, including that it was a reference to pagan rituals and that it was a reference to avoiding military service by dressing as a woman. I don't see it as a clear condemnation of the sort of crossdressing that I do."

"Oh, no, we are under grace now and not condemnation. What is in there is not too consistent with the NT covenant of forgiveness and the one-time atonement for sins in 0 AD or whenever it was. I see that thing in the OT as just another of those nit-picky little rules of Moses', such as the one against eating pork..... And neither I nor any others, church-going or not, are going to give up our sausage, bacon, and NC pork BBQ!"

"You really wanna feel guilt over what some superstitious chauvinists wrote thousands of years ago?"

"About the passage in Deuteronomy. Deuteronomy is part of The Law that was given to Moses on Mount Sinai. (remember the movie?) The Law was intended for God's chosen people-the Israelites. so unless you're Orthodox Jewish, then The Law doesn't apply to you. Doubt it? Ask a Rabbi."

These male crossdresses are just parroting what they've very likely heard from Christian pastors. The see the hypocrisy of saying that male crossdressing is wrong, while female crossdressing is accepted.

Psychology is coming up with new definitions and new therapy to deal with this onslaught of sexual depravity:

Enhance your expertise with the most up-to-date information about gender identity disorders in Gender Dysphoria. This book stresses the need to evaluate and treat gender dysphoria in the context of the individual's overall mental and physical health. The contributors, who are international experts in the clinical management of gender dysphoria, present valuable, contemporary approaches in assessment, psychological and medical treatment, and adjustment of individuals with gender identity disorders.

Falling in love with your own reprobate self has a new term:

The term autogynephilia was introduced by the psychologist Ray Blanchard. He defined it as "a man's paraphilic tendency to be sexually aroused by the thought or image of himself as a female."

Crossdressing is cropping up in universities and high schools, and several of them have sponsored "gender-bending" days:

At Seattle University, the Office of Multicultural Affairs and the student Trans and Allies Club are sponsoring "Transgender Awareness Week" which includes a session on supposedly transgender Bible heroes and heroines. The week also includes "Criss-Cross Day," which encourages students to "come dressed for the day in your best gender-bending outfit."

Crossdressing conferences are proliferating. Male crossdressers are banning together to promote, support and encourage others to take up this abominable practice. Men are being encouraged to "discover their feminine side." This is serpent talk, inviting them to eat of the forbidden tree.

As this demonic obsession takes hold, some men confess that they are more in love with their own bodies than their wives, and are willing to lose their families in exchange for their own perversity. Some admit that they feel possessed, powerless to stop this practice of crossdressing.

There is also the pain of the family members: Listen to this wife of a crossdresser:

"I am married to a cross dresser, so I know first hand how this can wreck a marriage and family, and cause heartache for both spouses. I also know of several other women who are in turmoil because of their husband's actions. I will never believe or accept that this is okay. I know the pain firsthand and observe the pain in my husband. A woman wants a man to be her husband. I am not willing to share my husband with another man or woman. The crossdresser is unhappy, because cross-dressing brings happiness only in the moment and not true internal happiness. Not to mention all the other problems associated with this addiction and sickness. If the men are going to start coming out of the closet, then the wives of cross-dressers will also have to come out of the closet, and let the world know their PAIN."

There is a satanic power at work binding people in bundles to be burned. Truly we are in the last days as described in 2 Timothy 3:

2 For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,

3 Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,

4 Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;

5 Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.

Next we will consider how we can effectively oppose Satan's crossdressing scheme.

Opposing Satan's Scheme