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What Does God Think About What I Wear?


Is Fashion a Problem in the Church?

Satan, the instigator and prime mover in the ever-changing, never-satisfying decrees of fashion, is always busy devising something new that shall prove an injury to physical and moral health; and he triumphs that his devices succeed so well.
CG 432.3

Fashion is deteriorating the intellect and eating out the spirituality of our people. Obedience to fashion is pervading our Seventh-day Adventist churches and is doing more than any other power to separate our people from God. 4T 647.2

Is it safe for us to accept the world’s standard which is continually deteriorating? How are we to relate to worldly fashions?

What is God’s Solution?

· To protect the people of God from the corrupting influence of the world, as well as to promote physical and moral health, the dress reform was introduced among us. {4T 634.3}

· My sisters, there is need of a dress reform among us. {2SM 473.1}

What is Dress Reform?

What does our dress have to do with true religion? Is Dress Reform important to God?

· The sum and substance of true religion is to own and continually acknowledge by words, by dress, by deportment, our relationship to God.-- {HL 119.2}

· The dress reform is a striking contrast to the fashion of the world. {2T 65.3}

· True dress reform regulates every article of dress worn upon the person. {HR, January 1, 1877 par. 7}

· Perhaps no question has ever come up among us which has caused such development of character as has the dress reform.-- {HL 120.1}

· The dress reform is treated by some with great indifference and by others with contempt, because there is a cross attached to it. {3T 171.1}

· To many the dress reform is too simple and humbling to be adopted. They cannot lift the cross. God works by simple means to separate and distinguish His children from the world. {1T 523.2}

· Few have the moral courage to wear a dress in opposition to fashion, although it be modest and healthful. Practical, independent, reasoning minds are greatly needed to lead out in the work of dress reform. Women of Christian fortitude and becoming independence are wanted to stimulate others to break away from the slavery and oppression of fashion. {HR, May 1, 1872 par. 2}

· Let these conscientious sisters who would enter upon the work of dress reform walk circumspectly and work in a manner that will correspond with the burden of the message for this time. {SHM 444.2}

· Self denial and self-sacrifice will mark the Christian’s life. Evidence that the taste is really converted will be seen in the dress of all who walk the narrow path of holiness, the path cast up for the ransomed of the Lord to walk in.” {6MR 160.4}

It is IMPOSSIBLE for us to dress to please Jesus, unless we receive His enabling power. Dress Reform is much more than changing the outward appearance. It involves our entire Christian experience. It is a renunciation of pride and self-will. It encompasses our thoughts, our words, our actions and our appearance. God is willing to give us the desire to please Him in all things as we surrender our wills to Him. May God help us!

Why Should We Study About Dress Reform?

Praise God! It is His work to transform all His faithful, willing children into true dress reformers! It is not something that an unconverted individual can possibly accomplish. He gives us wisdom and enabling power to follow His counsel.

1. A study of Dress Reform teaches us that God wants us to:

· Be consecrated Christians who put a much higher priority on the inward adorning of grace rather than on the outward appearance.
· Recognize a desperate need of Christ’s pardon and power.
· Spend substantial time with God daily in prayer, Bible study and prayerful meditation.
· Strive to continually abide in Christ, through the power of the Holy Spirit.
· Seek to manifest a spirit of meekness, humility, love and kindness, and become rich in faith.
· Trust in Christ alone for salvation and practice good works as the fruit of faith.
· Renounce all self-righteousness and judgmentalism.

2. Practicing the principles of Dress Reform will lead us to:

· Earnestly plead for purity of heart, and guard the avenues of the soul against the degenerating influences of society.
· Recognize the need to avoid activities, sounds, sights and places that would encourage impure or prideful thoughts.
· Value purity of heart above any earthly consideration.
· Avoid complimenting, admiring or in any way encouraging immodest, prideful dressing.
· Seek those who value and exemplify godly modesty as ones closest companions.

3. As we receive the inward adorning, Christ changes our hearts so that we will:

· Desire that self will be hidden in Christ, that He will receive all the glory!
· Seek a christlike spirit and reveal a cheerful, stress-free countenance.
· Carry oneself with dignity and poise, with calm demeanor.
· Maintain a neat, tidy, clean and attractive appearance to glorify God.
· Avoid coarse jesting, flirtatious behavior, phoniness, silliness and arrogance.

4. A teachable spirit regarding Dress Reform leads one to:

· Be willing to prayerfully study the Testimonies regarding dress.
· Be willing to take God into the closet, and seek His approval for each outfit.
· Shop prayerfully, only for genuine need, not impulse.
· Be willing to die to self, and break the stronghold of fashion.

5. Acceptance of the principles of biblical modesty leads one to:

· Avoid wearing of clothing designed to attract sensual or prideful attention.
· Shun immodest clothing such as low cut, form fitting and revealing clothing,
· Always cover the body appropriately in any public setting, including swimming and exercising.
· Refuse to participate in fashionable styles that compromise moral standards.
· Examplify high standards as a safe role model.

6. The message of Dress Reform, when internalized, brings a meek and humble spirit, prompting willingness to:

· Dress plainly and simply, free from artificial enhancements, prideful adornment, and extravagance.
· Choose simplicity in appearance instead of gaudy colors and patterns, or ostentatious styles.
· Refrain from expensive clothing for prideful display, while still choosing durable, well-made clothing,
· Avoid jewelry of any kind, as well as glittering accessories or enhancements to attract attention.
· Avoid the application of unnatural substances or procedures to any part of the body for the purpose of attracting undue admiration and vain glory.

7. An awareness of God’s intense love for us, and our response to Him causes us to:

· Care more about pleasing God than in fitting in with society.
· Avoid desiring to emulate the fashions of the world.
· Not fear being thought of as old fashioned by others while following convictions.
· Be willing to be the only one dressed modestly among peers if need be, even at church.

8. Comprehending God’s distinct roles for men and women helps one to:

· Not cooperate with Satan’s plan to confuse gender roles by minimizing differences between sexes (as promoted by feminists, Marxists and globalists).
· Believe the prophecy that blurring the distinction between sexes would cause increase of crime and confusion (such as the homosexual agenda so prevalent today).
· Avoid crowding the lines, and dress distinctively according to gender.

9. Responding to God’s desire for His children to be separate from the world leads one to:

· Oppose worldly fashion by maintaining a noticeable distinction from the world in appearance.
· Not love the world, or have a desire to ape the fashions of the world.
· Become a deliberate, sincere witness for Christ through appearance and dress.
· Be recognized as a stranger on earth, a pilgrim, a citizen of the kingdom of heaven.
· Shun all worldly entertainment, customs and practices that would minimize the distinction between Christians and the world.

10. Understanding the health aspect of Dress Reform helps us to:

· Avoid any article or procedure that would compromise ones health.
· Avoid tight clothing that restricts the free flow of oxygen and blood.
· Strive to keep the limbs from becoming chilled, in order to assist in the circulation of the blood.
· Understand that shoes should be comfortable and keep the natural shape of the foot and avoid such footwear as pointed toes and high heels, which cause various physical problems.
· Practice good hygiene and health reform habits, which helps to project a healthy, vibrant appearance.

(See 1T 456-466, 4T 628-648, CG 419-436)

All of the above is accomplished through the grace of God alone. A true Dress Reformer is seeking for Revival and Reformation in the fullest sense, and is longing to become perfect in Christ, clothed in His righteousness, and prepared for His soon coming.

To God be all the glory! He alone is to be exalted! May all our pride be humbled in the dust!

We are living in the antitypical day of atonement, and Christ is pleading on our behalf in the Most Holy Place of the heavenly sanctuary. As required on the Day of Atonement, it is time for us to search our hearts and confess our sins. But most of the church members are blinded to their need because of their pride, love of dress and frivolous amusements. They are deceived, and are living a life of hypocrisy. God is calling for a revival and reformation. We must clear the way before the Holy Spirit can be poured out. We need united, persevering prayer, that God may reveal to us our sins. May God have mercy on us! (Please read 1SM 125, 126)

Let us always remember that the sacrifice of Christ on the cross of Calvary is what provides the true motivation for dress reform. It is His love in our hearts that brings us to willing submission to Him. (Please read RH, November 26, 1861, and RH, March 17, 1896)

Some are willing to comply outwardly to modest attire, and neglect the inward work. This delights the enemy of righteousness, because it creates fanatics and judgmental hypocrites. But true Dress Reformers are neither self-righteous or fanatical. God’s principles are woven throughout their characters, making them well-balanced and christlike. They will not try to force their own ideas on others, but encourage them to study it out for themselves!

You are invited to learn more about the joy of surrendering all to Jesus, even our appearance!

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