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Crossdressing Causes Confusion


We will see how it is the first step toward sexual perversion and destruction of the family unit. In these last days, Satan's special attack has been against the family. How has he been so successful to cause such sexual perversion, such widespread immorality, such acceptance of homosexuality, such aggressive feminism, as well as such a strong interest in witchcraft and devil worship? Does crossdressing factor into this success?

Crossdressing is a powerful tool of destruction in the hands of the enemy. He has used this since the beginning of time in his barbaric pagan rituals. Perhaps even Nimrod used it in his sun worship. (It is interesting to note that the demon-inspired album called Nimrod by the rock band Green Day included a song about crossdressing.) Idolatrous priests of Baal cross-dressed in their satanic rituals. Crossdressing has been associated with pagan worship rites through the years, in many heathen cultures and religions, and even in modern times it has been linked to various forms of devil worship.

There is a compelling power attached to cross-dressing. Many proponents of this perversity will attest to this. It can become obsessive, addictive and all consuming. It can take over and actually ruin families and careers because of the stranglehold it has on many who practice it.

Books on modern witchcraft refer to crossdressing as part of the ceremony. There are often strong links between crossdressing and criminal sexual activity. Crossdressing pollutes the morals, paving the way of a variety of perverse activities.

When we fall into these traps, and assist the cause of the enemy, our concept of God's authority over us becomes weakened and blurry. Thus we can't stand for right and truth in the same courageous zeal that we could if we had a clear conception of God's authority over us. Sexual sin in any form is devastating to our spirituality. That's why it's an abomination.

Satan hates God's perfect creation, and he is hell bent on corrupting and defiling that which God has ordained. He opposes the fact that God made male and female with distinct roles. He hates marriage and the headship of the husband. He hates sexual purity. One of the ways Satan has attacked God's plan for godly society is to blur the distinction between the sexes both through roles and appearance. Satan uses fashion to blur the lines of distinction between the appearance of men and women. God has revealed His displeasure of this gender blurring in Deuteronomy 22:5

As we consider God's plan for humanity, it will become evident why crossdressing is so displeasing to God, even to be called an abomination.

At creation, God's designed that male and female would join as a one-flesh unit. God's plan is that society revolves around the family unit. He created man and woman in His image, and designed that they should complement and complete each other in a sacred marriage relationship. After sin, God set up the lines of authority to be followed in the home, with man as the head, and the woman in submission. By respecting and honoring God's social structure, we honor God. When we undermine and pervert the family relationship, we attack God's plan. That is abomination to God.

God's law teaches us to worship God, and love and respect one another. The last six commandments have much to do with the family. Please notice the important connection between loving our neighbor as ourselves, and maintaining sexual integrity and purity before God.

The 5 th commandment, honoring our parents, refers directly to the family relationship. Regarding the 6 th commandment, Thou shalt not kill, we ultimately destroy ourselves and others by participating in immoral behavior. The 7th commandment, Thou shalt not commit adultery, relates directly to purity and sexual fidelity within the marriage relationship.

And the 8th commandment, Thou shalt not steal, also has a connection to family relations. It is interesting to notice that Jesus used the same word for "defraud" in Mark 10:19, in referring to the 8th commandment, Thou shalt not steal, as Paul used in 1 Corinthians 6:8: "Nay, ye do wrong, and defraud, and that your brethren." Then he listed ways in which the wicked defraud others which focus to a large extent on sexual immorality. Specifically listed are fornicators, (immoral behavior) idolaters (who practiced cross-dressing and prostitution in their worship) adulterers, effeminate, (which would include cross-dressing males and male homosexual prostitutes) and homosexuality. These sexual sins are found in those who will not inherit the kingdom of God. Sexual sin corrupts the soul, and makes us unfit for heaven.

Notice again in 1 Thessalonians 4:6 how another Greek word, which is also translated "defraud" is used to warn God's people not to take immoral advantage of others. Paul reminds us to abstain from fornication and forbidden cravings. Robbing others of their purity and innocence by an immoral example is another way we can break the 8th commandments. Crossdressing is also a violation of the 9th commandment, because it is a deceptive practice, portraying an image not true to one's gender. The 10th commandment specifies our need to not indulge in forbidden sexual desires as well as other covetous thoughts.

So we can see how the last 6 commandments, focusing on our love toward others, are all linked in some way to sexual purity, which is the requirement for obedience to God's social order for the family. That's how important the family is to God.

Sexual impurity is rebellion against the law of God, the holy law that Satan hates. Remember, Satan's role in heaven was to guard that law as a covering cherub over the mercy seat, under which the law was contained in the ark of the testimony. His anger and rebellion today is directed against that very law.

When we break any of these commandments, we are undermining the family. It's quite obvious that the sacred institution of marriage is under attack by ungodly society. Rebellion against God's law leads to a reprobate mind with defies God's social order.

A study of Romans, chapter one reveals that rebellion against God's authority manifests itself by the perverse desire to twist God's design for sexual order.

In his attempt to enlist humanity in his rebellion, Satan uses subtle and deceptive means so his purposes are undetected by the undiscerning. If we follow the path he has laid out as seen in worldly society, we will be committing abomination against God, and not even understand why we are doing it.

Homosexuality is blatant rebellion against God's creative order for human society. Satan is able to lure a few individuals into this wickedness, but not the majority (at least not yet!) Most practice lesser forms of sexual perverseness, but it serves the same purpose.

If we are caught up in any type of sexual immorality, we have placed ourselves on Satan's side of the question. How can someone who is undermining God's social order by violating a moral principle truly love others? It's impossible. To participate with the devil in attacking the foundation of godly society makes us friends of the world and enemies of God.

Satan has been doing everything he can to sabotage God's plan for sexual purity in the family setting. God has definite principles, which Satan wants to obliterate. When humans rebel against God's law, and join in with the devil in his attack against God's will, it is a very grievous crime. Sexual rebellion uproots purity, fidelity, security, harmony and love in society. God calls these wicked acts of sexual rebellion abominations.

Satan's design to bring in gender confusion has affected so many aspects of the gospel that we need to take a closer look at many of our practices to make sure they line up with God's will. Revolt against God's social order takes many forms. Current movements to exalt woman to leadership roles while usurping men's leadership is one of the ways humans rebel against God's social design. Crossdressing is also a sexual perversion that is becoming increasingly acceptable and popular in our society. It is a violation of God's plan to keep the family roles distinct. Crossdressing is the entering wedge for a host of evils.

This was written in 1960: "The wearing of men's dress by women primarily affects the woman herself,   first by changing the feminine psychology proper to women. Second, it affects the woman as the wife of her husband by tending to corrupt the relations between the sexes.  Third, the woman as the mother of her children loses dignity in the children's eyes. Each of these points should be carefully considered. "

Becoming confused about your sexual role, or your sexual desires is often the first step to sexual perversion. God designed that our understanding of His divine purpose for sexual relations should be clear, and that our hearts would remain pure. He knows of Satan's plan to confuse us by blurring the gender boundaries.

Another way Satan tries to confuse us is to portray many godly traits, such as kindness, compassion, meekness, and tenderheartedness, as being feminine traits. Many masculine men who are striving to maintain their macho image in this confusing society are determined to resist being considered feminine in any way. Perhaps this blurring of the sexes affects even their desire to fully surrender to Christ and accept His meek and lowly character, which is perceived as feminine. The truth is, that truly courageous men that are honored by God are the ones who subdue their passion and pride through the indwelling Christ, and become loving and gentle according to the example of Jesus.

Next we will consider Satan's mastermind for causing great moral confusion in our society.

Crossdressing Today